A Torch in the Ottoman Twilight: The Life and Struggles of Şeyhülislam Mustafa Sabri Efendi (‌1286–1374/1869–1954)

Amin Gharad


Mustafa Sabri, one of the final occupants of the office of Ottoman şeyhülislam, was a dynamic ʿālim and Muslim public intellectual who lived through a period of great turmoil and transformation. In addition to being a prolific scholar and ascending to the loftiest echelons of late Ottoman scholastic and intellectual society, he was also a seasoned statesman and political operative. Beyond his numerous scholarly works, Sabri also published widely in numerous Arabic- and Turkish-language periodicals. This biographical entry surveys Sabri’s eventful life and aims to underscore the importance of his contributions to Muslim engagement with modernity.

Key Words

Mustafa Sabri, modernity, Mecelle, Ottoman, fiqh, Ḥanafism, Kemalism