The Journal of Hanafi Studies (JHS), published by the Irshad Centre for Hanafi Studies (www.irshad.org.uk) in the United Kingdom, is a blind peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of the Hanafi tradition.

It welcomes contributions on all areas of Hanafi thought, spanning disciplines such as legal theory and theology to spirituality and ethics.

By way of example, submissions might be made in any of the following areas: biographies of important scholarly figures, studies on legal texts or specific masāʾil of uṣūl or furūʿ, varying legal traditions or strands of thought, Maturidism and its various offshoots, translations of short epistles or fatāwā, and broader, new conversations on contemporary issues in light of the Hanafi way.

JHS is presently published annually, and we accept submissions all year round. Monographs and collected volumes may occasionally be published as supplements to the journal.

For submissions, please see here.


Journal of Hanafi Studies – ISSN 2755-3930


Tabraze Azam, Irshad Centre for Hanafi Studies

Executive Editor

Dr Carl Sharif El-Tobgui, Brandeis University

Board of Advisors

Mawlana Bilal Ali Ansari, Darul Qasim College

Dr Issam Eido, Vanderbilt University

Dr Sohail Hanif, Cambridge Muslim College & National Zakat Foundation

Dr Hassaan Shahawy, Harvard Law School

Dr Salman Younas, Cambridge Muslim College

Dr Hamza al-Bakri, Ibn Haldun University